Using Your Speech Power! Workbook

Accompanying Exercises

The Using Your Speech Power! workbook contains a variety of activities designed to help students synthesize the information contained in the main textbook. These activities include the following:

  •  Putting Theory Into Practice exercises. Students will be able to use what they have learned to answer questions, identify ideas, utilize terminology, and increase familiarity with the topics under study.
  • Crossword puzzles. These engaging puzzles keep students focused on the proper terminology associated with public speaking.
  • Review questions. Students are presented with over 400 questions that they might see on tests and/or quizzes. To help them answer the questions, the pages in the textbook where the topics are covered are provided.
  • Assignment sheets. These detailed instructions (a.k.a. rubrics) guide students through the construction of their speeches by detailing the instructor's expectations. 

This workbook is a necessity for any student hoping to develop a thorough understanding of public speaking.