Supplemental Presentations

A - D


In this .zip file, there are three individual presentations covering audience analysis, debate motivational appeals, and delivery nervousness. The PowerPoint files are in various formats, including both .ppt and .pptx.



E stands for evidence. These four presentations, like those in other .zip files, may be in either .ppt or .pptx format.

F - G


The three presentations in this .zip file include a sample flow chart and two group discussion presentations. Like those in other .zip files, these three presentations may be in either .ppt or .pptx format.



I stands for impromptu and introductions! There are three introduction-related presentations and one presentation about impromptu deliveries. As with other .zip files, these four files are in either .ppt or .pptx format.



The 15 "Key Point" presentations in this .zip file cover topics that include delivery, outlining, main points, persuasion, and other critical topics in public speaking.  File formats include both .ppt and .pptx.

P - W


These four presentations cover plagiarism, T-note taking, time management, and an exercise called "What's Wrong?" Like the other .zip files, this one contains files in either .ppt or .pptx format.


Presentations from A - Z, covering everything from audience analysis through an exercise called "What's Wrong?" 

Note that these files have been provided in their final format.