Communication Odds and Ends



Inflection is a wonderful thing.  Helena Modjeska (1844-1909) was an accomplished 19th century Polish actress who, with her husband (a theatre critic), fled to America in 1876 to escape political persecution.  How did Mrs. Modjeska prove that point?



Languages are living things. Did you know that of the four most commonly used punctuation marks, only the period predates the 15th century. The colon was first used in about 1485, followed by the comma in approximately 1520 and the semi-colon in about 1570. This is just one of the facts shared in the language .zip file below.



According to the Oxford English Dictionary, which person added the most new words to the English language?  To find out, take a look at the files in the file. 


Download and enjoy the 16 files included in the .zip files below.